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5 ways to make bath-time fun


Apr 2016

One of our mums at Galt HQ shares her ideas for winning at bath-time:

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Bath-time, if it’s properly fun, isn’t for the feint-hearted. Things get wet. Amazingly wet. But you have to remember for small children, that’s all part of the fun; and everything dries, right?

Fun doesn’t have to be absolute chaos though, so it’s worth sometimes focussing your little ones’ attention on some specific games that are enjoyable but not going to leave you with a sopping wet floor every night. So here are some ideas that have gone down a storm in our house:

bath duckAmbi Bath Duck – £5.99

Lovely little duck, delightfully designed. The beak moves up and down with the movement of the water and the mechanism inside makes a sound similar to a duck quacking. Ideal bath companion for little ones and makes a nice change from the stereotypical yellow rubber ducky.

downloadPeppa Pig Bath jigsaws – £11.88

These were a surprising hit. The fun of a jigsaw combined with the novelty of the pieces floating worked like a charm. The pieces stick to the side of the bath (magic) for easy fitting together. Throw in some bubbles for added ‘hide and seek’ with the pieces and the game lasts much longer. Most sets come with 2, 3 and 4 piece jigsaws for variety.

71I8LEQue3L._SL1436_Bath crayons – Crayola £9.58

Takes a slight leap of faith if I’m honest. Basically these are coloured soap in plastic holders which act like crayons so toddlers can scribble all over the sides of your bath and anything else they can reach, like their entire bodies. You just have to trust that it will come off – it does if you do it straight away – otherwise you’d never let them within arm’s reach. Try not to let the crayons languish at the bottom of the bath for too long though or they go a bit soggy and don’t work as well.

Fishing BoatAmbi Fishing Boat £13.99

Hours of fun to be had with this cracking little boat. Beautifully designed with lovely little elements such as the boat’s wheel being interchangeable as a life-saving ring for the sailor. Two fishing-rods means you can join in fishing the fish out of the water too. Not as easy as you might think! Again, throw bubbles into the mix and finding the fish is great fun.

Containers – free!

Any old plastic tub, mini saucepan, yoghurt pot with holes in and so on, will be very entertaining in small hands. They can literally pour water in and out of things for hours. Get an assortment of sizes so they can be stacked and filled, as well as showing different quantities. Handy for rinsing soapy hair too!

What other toys and games do you play?

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Oct 2014

Q&A with Dr Miriam Stoppard

Any parent will tell you that bringing up a family is hard work, but they’ll also say it’s immensely rewarding. It’s sometimes hard to know if what you are doing is right, especially as your child develops and grows. We asked parenting guru Dr Miriam Stoppard to answer a few of your questions.

Dr Miriam Stoppard

Question: My baby is nearly five months old and she seems to be taking more interest in the world around her. I’d love to know the kind of things I can do to introduce her to wider experiences.

Answer: At five months your baby will have full control of her head. Even when she’s pulled into a sitting position from lying flat, or when she rocks to and fro, her head doesn’t lag.

What can you do to help?

In order for your baby to learn to walk and even stand up, her head must be entirely stable. To help her progress properly, give her plenty of rocking exercises like moving her gently from side to side and forwards and backwards. Show her how to raise her arms above her head so she learns to be stable in various positons.

Play for stabilising her head

Rock your baby frequently. This will give her plenty of practice in keeping her head stable. You can dance gently around the room with her or swing her in your arms. Sit on the floor with her, legs spread apart, and roll a large, soft ball to her so she has to bend to catch it. Also, with a toy bird show how a bird flies with your arms spread wide. Gently coax her to imitate you.


Question: My little boy of 10 months loves to stand with our help and take his weight on his legs. I’m wondering how I can encourage him to stand on his own and take his first step.

Answer: Your baby is discovering the thrill of being mobile and moving forward on his hands and knees. Encourage him to pull himself up on furniture and show him how to change from sitting to lying and vice versa. If you do this his lateral trunk muscles will get stronger so that he can begin to twist his trunk around while he sits.

What can you do to help?

Offer your fingers so he’ll be encouraged to grab them and pull himself up to sit and stand. He’ll be amazed and delighted at his prowess. Praise him well. To help him learn stepping while he’s standing up, bend one of his knees and lift his foot from the floor. When he does it, tell him “Clever boy”. To make him twist, place a toy behind his back. Support him as he twists around.

Encourage him to crawl to you

Put your baby on his hands and knees and sit a short distance away. He’ll come to you if you hold out your arms, call his name, or offer a brightly coloured toy. Once he gets on his feet use a stable tray of blocks on wheels to help him take his first steps.

As you probably know we’ve launched a range of toys with Dr Miriam Stoppard for babies and toddlers. The Dr Miriam @ Galt range comprises of 21 wooden, plastic and soft toys all designed to encourage learning through play. Each toy has engaging features for little hands and minds to explore. The range includes traditional favourites such as a jigsaw, rattle, soft books, soft toys, building blocks, a baby walker, activity centre, stacking rings, pull-along-puppy and a shape sorter among others.

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Nature crafts!


May 2013

It is wonderful to get crafty with the kids from time to time and crafting is something that we love doing at our house. As the Summer approaches and the kids (hopefully) spend more time outdoors, I would love to share some of our favourite nature crafts with you. The idea is for you go out, explore, enjoy nature, collect and then come home and craft on one of the rainy days.


So 5 of our favourite nature crafts:


Leaf Crowns

Ostentatiously an Autumn Craft (great to make with lovely Autumn coloured leaves), you can of course make these all year round. Many trees do NOT lose their leaves throughout winter and our park usually has plenty lying around. It is a great craft, as you do it whilst you are out and about and literally all you need is LEAVES! Easy peasy.


Pressed Flowers

Flower pressing is definitely one of those “childhood classics” that every child should experience one day. It is all about exploration and experiment with how different flowers and leaves press. Then get creative. In this post we share 10 tips to make your flower pressing more successful!




Rock Monsters

Discover the magic of googly eyes and how they convert anything into something. Rock monsters are great for all age groups as even the littlest can manage to cover a rock in paint and add some fun googly eyes. Great for the imagination too. What other creatures can you paint? We did also did a ladybird and ducks! Be sure to click through and find out about what sort of paint to use.

Fairy House (or Elf House!)


We LOVE making fairy houses… such a cute way to explore nature. What things can you find in you area that makes a good house? Great for “building” skills and experimenting how to put things together.




10 Stick Crafts

Yep… we got together and found not one, not two but TEN stick crafts for you to get busy with. Sticks are everywhere and the kids love to pick them up at ANY time of year. Perfect craft material and cheap too!


Maggy Woodley, is a mum of two and Author of Red Ted Art, Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids. She likes nothing more than getting crafty with her son and daughter. Making sure that crafts are fun, easy and inexpensive. She also likes to cook with the kids and experiment a little with Science! She writes at Red Ted Art, Life at The Zoo and Theatre Books and Movies.

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