The third in Galt’s Mini Masterpiece series is The Kiss by Gustav Klimt


The Kiss is a very famous painting by Austrian artists Gustav Klimt. The painting is part of his ‘Golden Period’ when he created a number of paintings using a similar gilded Art Nouveau style, and took him a year to paint from 1908 until 1909. The masterpiece is of a man and woman embracing, each wearing an elaborate gold robe painted using oil paint with layers of gold leaf.

Create your own The Kiss Mini Masterpiece


Step 1: To start, download The Kiss template from the Galt Activity Zone.

Step 2: Gustav Klimt used golf leaf to bring the painting to life, but gold coloured paper works just as well! Rip sections of golden paper from the Galt Rainbow Block and stick behind the figures in the painting to create a bright textured background.


Step 3: Using the Galt Paintastics, colour in the grass beneath their feet, fill in the robes with a golden yellow and add a splash of orange to their clothing.

Step 4: The Galt Art Jar is full of sequins to bring the painting to life – simply use PVA glue to stick the sparkly hearts, stars and leaves onto your masterpiece. Then, pick up your Galt Chunky Pens to complete the detail on the man’s robe. Don’t be restricted by just using yellow and orange, use bright reds, pink and rich blues to show off the folds of the fabric!


Step 4: Finally, to add texture to the robe, stick the pompoms from the Galt Art Jar on top of the robe and voila, your masterpiece is complete!

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is a beautiful portrait painting perfect to brighten up any room in your home – the sequins and pompoms bring the painting to life and make it truly sparkle!


We asked a few friends to share their Mini Masterpieces with us… 

Melanie Ed

Thank you to Melanie, who shared this fantastic picture painted by her 5 year old daughter – “Both my girls love to draw, paint stick in fact do almost anything that involves arts and crafts so we started off with what we had been provided, the paint.  After letting the paint dry they decided they wanted to make their pictures a bit more exciting and stick some items onto them so we dug around in our arts and crafts box and fished out a range of sparkly, shiny and also fluffy items to give a range of depth to the picture and make it that little bit more eye catching.” To read more, visit Melanie’s Fab Finds.

Twin Mummy and Daddy

This fantastic piece of artwork is by Twin Mummy and Daddy, who said “We had great fun recreating this painting and will be sure to do it again sometime!” We think your paintings are simply superb, well done!

Rambling through Parenthood

This fantastic and colourful masterpiece is by Rambling Through Parenthood, who says: “My son, J is 3 years old. He used crayons to colour in ‘The Kiss’ in a myriad of rainbow colours. He loves everything shiny and enjoys using glue to stick things together. So we got out our big bottle of golden glitter glue and scrunched up bits of multi-coloured tissue paper to add some texture to the painting and recreate the gold leaf effect. Our way!”

TwoLittlePaines 2

TwoLittlePaines 3

These bright and colourful paintings by TwoLittlePaines are simply fantastic! We love how each budding artist has taken a different approach to the painting using the Galt Finger Paints!


Newcastle Family Life

Well done to Chloe who had a lot of fun creating her own ‘mini masterpiece’ using the Galt Art Jar – we love the bright  colours and use of butterflies and stars on the clothing. To see how Chloe made her artwork visit the Newcastle Family Life blog.

Soup Dragon Says

Well done to The Soup Dragon Says for this amazing, original piece of art, created using Loombands! “He is eight years old, and he created it using loom bands. He spent an evening weaving all the different colours into a fish tail and then filled the other sections with the colours he thought looked nice. He hadn’t heard of this famous painting, and it was great to look at something new.” Fantastic!

Little Miss C Penny Car - Little miss C

Wow, look at these fantastic works of art by Penny Carr and Little Miss C! We love the sparkly gold glitter glue and stars – artistic talent certainly runs in the family! Madhousefamilyreviews_Both

Check out these amazing masterpieces by budding artists Pierre and Juliette from the Mad House Family Reviews blog, so much talent!

mummyslittlestarsThe Kiss_July 2014 2

This fantastic Mini Masterpiece by Miss M is beautiful! We love the different designs created using the Galt Mega Mosaics, well done! To see how her painting was created, visit the Mummy’s Little Stars blog.

IMG_0475 IMG_0477

Check out these super paintings from Yet Another Blogging Mummy – “After an initial chorus of kiss, yuck from the boys, they were happier when they saw the sponge painting set that Galt had sent us to help create their mini masterpieces. We did find that the sponges were mostly much bigger than the tiny sections of the design of ‘The Kiss’, so probably a fine paintbrush would have been easier to use than the sponges for this particular task. But after getting over their initial reluctance, the boys had great fun producing their own mini masterpieces. You can’t see it very well on his picture, as he then painted over with a larger sponge, but son1 did try out a wavy stencil.”

Jo Laybourn

 This fantastic piece of art by 6 year old ‘Big Monkey’ has been sent in by his proud mum at Sit Still Monkeys – “My son created it. He carefully sat colouring The Kiss in on his own and decided ‘less is more’ in this instance.”

Julies Notebook

We think this entry from Julie’s Notebook is out of this world! The painting was by Jen, age 6. He used crayons, watercolours and wax pastels to complete his superb masterpiece – well done!

Congratulations to Little Mr A – Winner of this month’s Mini Masterpiece competition!


This superbly colourful piece of art was created by 5 year old Little Mr A using the colour by numbers idea and the Paintastic pens. To find out how he did it, visit the Mummy of Two blog.

Mr A has won a big bundle of Galt art and craft materials, perfect for a budding artist!

Mini Masterpiece Gift bundle

Please ensure that activities are completed under adult supervision and all instructions and warnings on Galt products used are read and followed.  Always protect clothing and the work area.

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