The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)

The second in Galt’s Mini Masterpiece series is The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.

Original Painting

Vincent van Gogh, the very famous Dutch artist, who is well known for creating fantastic impressionist masterpieces, but also for cutting off his own ear – ouch! The Starry Night, painted in June 1889, is a painting of the view from Vincent’s home in the south of France. A fun fact is that although the painting is of the view at night time, the masterpiece was actually created from memory during the day!

Create your own Starry Night Mini Masterpiece

DSCN1160Step 1: To start, download the Starry Night template from the Galt Activity Zone.  

Step 2: Vincent van Gogh loved to use different tones of colour, so to recreate his style of painting use the Galt Paintastics to paint the swirling night time sky. The small brush is perfect for creating small flecks of paint and building up colour as you go along. DSCN1165

Step 3: Once you’ve filled in the blue night sky, grab a yellow Galt Chunky Pen to colour in the rolling hills in the background and the bright shining stars. You can also start colouring the tree in the foreground so flecks of yellow come through when it’s painted black. Add flickers of red paint to the moon to make it really stand out from the stars!

DSCN1168Step 4: Now to paint the houses in the village below! Be imaginative with colours to make the houses stand out and fill in the windows with bright yellow to show the fire of lamps inside the church and homes.  

Step 5: If you want to make your painting really stand out, use bits from the Galt Art Jar to create swirls in the sky; from squished up tissue paper and pipe cleaners to sparkly sequins, be creative and use your imagination!

The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is the perfect painting for budding artists to show off their skills. We hope you agree that the finished painting will be perfect for displaying on your bedroom wall at home, or perhaps giving to a friend or family member to really brighten up their day (or night!).


We asked a few friends to share their versions of The Starry Night with us to provide a little inspiration…

Eileen Tao

This fantastic piece of art was created by Ms C, who used Galt Sponge Paints to create this beautiful pink sky! The yellow felt on the moon and sparkly glitter were used to bring the tree in the foreground and stars in the sky to life. To see how she created her masterpiece visit the ET speaks from home blog.

 Elise 8 years oldFreya 6 years old

We were over the moon to see these two paintings by Elise, age 8, and Freya, age 6, who both used the Galt Sponge Paints set to create their superb masterpieces! We love the use of colour and how they’ve used the star sponge stamps to bring out the shape of the stars. To see how they create their beautiful pieces of art, visit the Mama Mummy Mum blog.

Twiceamummydouble the fun

This painting from budding young artist Isabelle uses the Galt Art Jar to create this superb piece of artwork that has given the Starry Night a bright blue sky. We love the way she has used crayons to add a splash of colour to the buildings and sparkly glitter glue to draw in the eye. The use of different coloured beads on in the sky, the tree and the fields below is a fab idea! To see Isabelle’s step by step guide, visit the Twice The Mummy Double the Fun Blog.

Baby Budgeting

Wow! what a creative masterpiece from Frankie! We love the use of pipe cleaners and googly eyes from the Galt Art Jar to add depth to the painting and add detail. The bright red straws in the foreground also really show off the tree and create a branch-effect. Well done Frankie, we couldn’t agree more that “Fridge Art is where it’s at!”. To see how this superb piece of artwork was created, visit the Baby  Budgeting Blog. 


This painting by Emily is absolutely fantastic – gold star from us! We think the use of blue, yellow and red is the perfect combination and love how she has added sparkle to the tree and the stars in the sky using sequins of all different colours. The artistic talent in the picture is clear to see. How did Emily create her fantastic masterpiece? Visit the Mummy That’s Me Blog to find out! 

Galt Toys Mini Masterpiece

Check out this amazing masterpiece supplied by fabulous mummy blogger Two Under Two, whose daughter has been busy with the Galt Toys Finger Paints. We absolutely love the use of abstract colours throughout the painting – Jackson Pollock eat your heart out! To view this superb piece of artwork please visit Two Under Two’s Blog.


We love these two paintings by Raiden and Lexie, who both used the Sponge Painting set to create their fabulous masterpieces! Raiden has clearly sectioned out his artwork with different colours and used glitter to create texture. Whereas Lexie has gone for the abstract art look – a magnificent masterpiece. To see how they create their beautiful pieces of art, visit the Trials tribulations of a brummie mummy blog.


These two super masterpieces were supplied by mummy blogger Mami2five whose son, LM, and daughter, LV, got arty with Galt’s marvelous Art Jar! With pompoms, glitter glue, paper strips, pipe cleaners and a sticky foam ghost – how can we not award these two masterpieces with gold stars!To see how they created their pieces of art visit Mami2five’s blog.

This painting by Mr Z was created using Galt’s Sponge Paint set. Using his mind’s eye, Mr Z’s masterpiece has a flame in the forefront, painted in yellow with red dabs – it certainly draws the eye to the left of the painting. We think it is absolutely fantastic. To see how Mr Z created his masterpiece please visit In The Playroom blog. 

Mini Masterpiece

These two fantastic mini masterpieces were sent in by mummy blogger Dilly Drops whose son, age 7, and daughter, age 2, both used Galt’s amazing Art Jar! The art team at Galt HQ loves the individuality of both paintings – utterly fab art work! To see how they created their mini masterpieces visit DillyDrops‘ blog.


The girls from Cookies and Cwtches have created some truly spectacular masterpieces using the Galt Art Jar. We love, love, love the creative use of pompoms and foam shapes, which give the picture a fab ‘3D effect’, while coloured pens have also been used to create squiggles in the sky – just like to original painting! Great work girls!


Here is the superb recreation of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night by Alfie, who has creatively used all colours of the rainbow to paint this bright and vibrant piece of art. We think Alfie is definitely an artist in the making! To read all about how Alfie and his brothers created their fantastic works of art, visit the Poole Mamma blog.

Cracked Nails and Split Ends

A big Gold Star to the artists behind this superb piece of art – Jacob and Lewis, who have used coloured pencils and the Galt Sensational Sequins set to recreate the masterpiece. We think this was a great team effort from the boys; the colouring in the background is simply divine, while the sequins finish off the picture perfectly! To find out more about how the artwork was created, visit the Cracked Nails and Split Ends Blog


And last but not least this this inspiring masterpiece by Florence on the Cakes Corks and Kids blog, who had a handy use for baking trays in her arts and crafts! She has certainly mastered Vincent van Gogh’s swirling technique to create this superb masterpiece – gold star Florence!

Thank you to everyone for sharing your step-by-step guides with us, we have been so impressed with how many talented artists we know! We think the creative use of colour and how you’ve all used different art and craft materials has been outstanding, well done everyone!   

Congratulations to our Vincent van Gogh Mini Masterpiece Winner!

Sweet Craftiness

The author of the Sweet Craftiness blog has a very talented young son who created this stunning recreation of the Starry Night masterpiece, which we have chosen as our winning piece of art.  We love the use of black in the foreground and the bright sparkly yellow swirls to show the stars and the moon in the sky – well done!

As a prize, the lovely people at Snapfish will turn the painting  into a canvas, greetings cards and a mug, so the winner can show off their masterpiece to all their friends! 


Please ensure that activities are completed under adult supervision and all instructions and warnings on Galt products used are read and followed.  Always protect clothing and the work area.

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