Create your own Monet Mini Masterpiece

Monet was a founder of French impressionist painting. The Water-Lily Pond is part of a series of paintings called the Water Lilies and now considered one of the artist’s most famous pieces. What makes the Water Lilies so special is that it’s a series of around 250 oil paintings of Monet’s flower garden in Giverny, with each painting showing a different side of the garden, created using alternative colours and shading.


Step 1: To start, download the Monet Water Lilies template from the Galt Activity Zone.

Monet 1Step 2: Monet was known for his expressive and imaginative use of colours so, using the Galt Paintastics, paint the bridge in the garden in all different shades and colours.Monet 2

Step 3: To give the leaves and trees in the background an amazing 3D, scrumple up some coloured paper from the Big Block and stick to the page or use the green shredded paper from the Galt Art Jar.

You can even paint on top of the paper to create more colours, depth and shadows on the page!


Monet 4Step 4: Then, using the Galt Paintastics, create the swirling water under the bridge. Add a splash of colour to show the reflections of the trees and the sky above, and add a darker colour to create the shadows.

Step 5: Add the water lilies! You can either paint the flowers onto the page or why not use bits and pieces from the Galt Art Jar? We used purple, red, yellow and green beads to create the water lilies floating on the surface of the water.

The result is a fantastic and colourful work of art, perfect for brightening up a wall in your home or as a framed landscape painting to take pride of place on the mantelpiece!


Monet 5


Winner of the Monet Mini Masterpiece competition!

Congratulations and well done to 4 year old ‘Boo’ and Mummy Jocelyn, who created this fantastic masterpiece – you are the winners of the Monet Mini Masterpiece competition!


We love the creative use of different shades of green and the way she has brought the picture to life with little foam ducks, sparkly butterflies and flowers, plus pink glitter – superb! Boo won a great big Galt arts and crafts bundle worth £50 to inspire her as a budding artist.

To see the superb artwork Boo has created since receiving her prize, visit The Reading Residence blog!

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