Creativity is an important part of child development and encourages a bright and active imagination, but finding the perfect spot to display your child’s artwork can be challenging! When your fridge and cupboard doors are full of fantastic paintings and there’s no wall space left to hang their artwork – what do you do?

Solution….. Create a HOT AIR BALLOON, well a miniature one anyway!

A hot air balloon canvas is a great way to display your child’s creative designs in the home when you’re running out of wall space. Plus, the basket is a fantastic place to put surprise gifts or pocket money at the end of the week!

Here, we show you how to make a hot air balloon display with your children at home:

You will need:

Galt Play Apron
• Galt PVA Glue
Galt Paint Brushes
• Newspaper strips
• Pack of balloons
Galt Rainbow Block
Galt Paintastics
Galt Art Jar
Galt safety scissors
• Cardboard egg container
• String or ribbon


Step 1: To start, mix the Galt PVA Glue with a splash of water and cut a newspaper into strips. Stick the newspaper onto a balloon using the water/PVA mixture and a paintbrush. Keep going until the whole balloon is covered with a few layers at least. For the top layer, use white paper from the Galt Rainbow Block to give the best surface for painting. Once complete, leave the balloon to dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 2: Now it’s time to decorate! The balloon should now have a nice dry and hard service for your little ones to paint and decorate however they’d like! Use the Galt Paintastics to create bright, colourful designs or stick beads, sequins, pompoms, buttons or even wiggly eyes from the Galt Art Jar onto your design for a spectacular finish. For a tip: Balance the balloon in a mug to avoid it tipping over when the children are painting and wear a Galt Play Apron as this can get messy!

Step 3: For the basket of the balloon, cut an old egg carton in half using the Galt Safety Scissors and paint the outside (it may be best for the grown-ups to help with the cutting if it’s a bit too tricky). Then, cut your string or ribbon to 4 equal lengths. Stick one end of each piece of string to the four corners of the egg carton and the other ends to the base of the balloon.  To finish, fill the basket with colourful shredded paper from the Galt Art Jar.

Step 4: Finally, pop the balloon inside (this is no longer needed as the dried PVA glue will keep the round shape in place), then attach string to the top and hang your child’s artwork in pride of place- Ta-Da!

Please ensure that activities are completed under adult supervision and all instructions and warnings on Galt products used are read and followed. Always protect clothing and the work area.


Enter Our Hot Air Balloon Competition!

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The Hot Air Balloon Competition closes on Friday 11th October at 5pm. The winner will be announced before 12pm on Monday 14th October.
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