We love Art & Craft, and our toy development team can’t resist a bit of creative mess and by the looks of things neither can most of our twitter friends!

We were greeted this morning by a tweet from @moolboots who had been busy over the weekend with Paper Plate Art using our Paintastics. We thought this easy art & craft needed a shout out.  @moolboots, whose real name Kel is now displaying these plates Paper Plate Art on her wall, and if my children are anything to go by, they really do appreciate having their art work shown off, even if it’s just for a little while!

@multiplemummy has also been busy this weekend with a Pirate Telescope made from a toilet and kitchen roll painted black. Fantastic idea and doesn’t it look fab? If you want to have a go at making this, please visit her blog Multiple Mummy.


Staying with the Pirate theme @mummymummymum made a giant pirate castle out of a cardboard box – great for creative play!

So next time your children say they are bored, grab the paints and some everyday household items and get creative – we are massive fans of sponge painting. Why not try it on a old white bed sheet which can be used to make a den afterwards, this looks especially good if you use glow in the dark paints! But if you are stuck for ideas, check out our Activity Zone, it is full of free make & dos. We have everything from a Papier-mâché pig to making your own Easter cards.

If you have any art & craft ideas to share please email them to: customerservices@jamesgalt.com or upload them onto our Facebook page.

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