The holidays are approaching and many of you will be planning a trip with the little ones! Whether you’re driving down the road to go camping or jetting off abroad on a plane, you’ll no doubt be packing lots of items to make the journey a little easier for you and the smaller traveller(s). But what do you need? We’ve listed a few tips below from past experience. Want to add your own? Tweet us @GaltToys!



If it takes two hours to get to your destination, give yourself three. This will give you a buffer for when you need toilet stops or discover your little monkey half dressed as you’re about to dash out the door. It’s much easier to grab a coffee at the airport with plenty of time than drag your family to the check-in with minutes to spare.

Pack Sensibly

We absolutely love this idea from QueenBeeCoupons. Instead of digging through a suitcase to find that pair of shorts, making a mess of all the neatly folded clothing, simply put an outfit a day into a sealable bag! It makes finding them super easy, and lets you put the dirty clothes back in so they don’t come into contact with the clean clothing!



Don’t pump them full of sugar whilst strapped into their car seat. A few healthy nibbles will be enough to maintain law and order in the back of the car whilst you try and follow the sat-nav around to find the hotel. You could let them do a pick and mix of ingredients into their travel lunchbox before you leave so they know exactly what they’re getting.

Babble has a great list of 25 road trip snacks for children.



Give them a camera! A nice cheap disposable camera will provide entertainment and encourage your talented photographers to look at their surroundings.

Cuddly toys are fab for keeping youngsters company on journeys, and we are sure they have their favourites already! For the little ones, our Song Bird is a great companion. Or maybe our Snuggle Pals will be just what you need for the backseat!

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For the slightly older traveller we have a range of travel activities to keep young minds occupied, including a Travel Sticker Book, Travel Mosaics, Travel Velvet Pictures and Travel Foil Art.


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