Summer Screen Time

We all know that at times being a parent is incredibly hard and time itself can become a precious commodity.  There is often a need to pop your child in front of the TV – just to have few relaxing moments, but consistent research reveals that children today are spending too much time watching TV, rather than playing outside or getting fingerpaint messy!

So to find out whether this was true, we conducted our own research and questioned 2000 British parents to see just how much time youngsters would be staring at screens this summer…… and here are the results!

The average child will spend 143 hours and 36 minutes in front of a screen this holiday – that is the equivalent of 12 whole days. This time will be spent playing computer games, watching television, playing games on phones or other consoles.

One in eight children now owns an iPad, with the average British child having £581 worth of gadgets in their bedroom alone – WOW!

Six out of ten parents admitted they regularly put their children in front of the TV or a games console on rainy days because it was just easier. While thirty per cent say they are forced to put their children in front of the TV regularly because there is simply nothing else for them to do!

John McDonnell, Managing Director here at Galt Toys, commented on our research: “Our routines are so often shaped by what is convenient and easy and screen technology, while enabling to develop certain abilities, doesn’t always encourage positive social interaction for children. It is really worrying that so much of children’s holiday time is probably spent staring at a screen this summer.

“The holidays don’t have to be like this, even if the weather is bad. Playing traditional games as a family, or encouraging children to make things and use their imaginations, is a far more effective and better quality way to pass the time.”


We understand that, as we all seem to be busier than ever, finding time can be an issue, but there is an abundance of great traditional toys and activities available at affordable prices, and we’d love to turn these statistics around ….

In fact, one in four parents wishes they could get their children away from the screens more often; while 64 per cent would like to see their children play more traditional non-electric games regularly.

So how much time does your child spend in front of the TV? Let’s get them engaging in traditional ways again and learning by playing. Help us see that the days of play are not over by sending your family free-fun tips, whether it is a ‘make & do’ or a treasure hunt – we want to hear about them. Please send all ideas to our Facebook page or tweet us @GaltToys 

You can view the breakdown of survey results per city on this map 

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