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Build a Boat!


Feb 2015

We like to read lots of blogs each week to see what activities and crafts you all do with your little ones, and this week we noticed a few bottle boats online! This inspired us to build our own boat – and we are giving away a Wooden Sailing Boat kit at the end of this blog post!


It’s such a simple idea but brings so much joy to the young faces to see something that started off as an empty bottle in the recycling transformed into a magnificent boat/raft for them to place on the pond or in the bath.

A great tutorial can be found at - they’ve even created the video below!

If you really want to impress your friends with a boat design, we have a Wooden Sailing Boat kit where you can build and paint your very own sailboat. We had lots of fun making our own this week, with a walkthrough of the process below!

1. The kit contains all the materials you need, from the wooden hull through to the paint, brush and varnish.

Wooden Sailing Boat

2. You can create any pattern you want using the paint provided. We decided to recreate the design on the box so started by painting the bottom green.

Paint the Wooden Boat Kit

 3. Once the hull has a coat of paint all over it, place to one side and allow it to dry whilst you paint the sails.


4. Paint your chosen pattern on the sails. For straight lines you can use masking tape.


5. When the sails are painted and your boat hull is dry, it’s time to decorate! The kit comes with lots of stickers for you to place over the boat. Then you paint a layer of gloss varnish to seal the boat and make it ready for the water.


6. When the gloss has dried you can then assemble the boat! Slide the mast through the sleeve in the mainsail and insert the wooden rods to make the tiller and bowsprit.


7. It’s time to set sail!


Want to win your own Wooden Sailing Boat kit? Enter below:

Galt Toys Wooden Sailing Boat Competition

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Playnest® Giveaway


Feb 2015

We adore seeing our products being used in ‘real life’ and social media has made this super simple for us. The Playnest® has long been a favourite for parents looking for a soft resting area for their babies, providing support for your little one as they grow and learn to sit up. This year we have launched Playnest® Dino, a big colourful dinosaur with a Playnest® body for babies and toddlers, adding to the Playnest® range alongside Playnest® Farm and Playnest® Car.

To celebrate the new addition to the Playnest® range we are giving away a Playnest® Dino AND a Playnest® Car! Details for entry can be found at the bottom of this post.

Here are a few snapshots of Playnest® that have appeared on our timeline:

Nap time! Means I can start dinner in peace! #6monthold #naptime #playnest #blanket #cutie

A photo posted by Julia ‘Ju’ Marie (@jujustagram) on

  Day 23 of #100happydays – Squidge in his Playnest cooing, smiling and being happy this morning :)   A video posted by @twinklinpixi3 on


If you have a well loved Galt Toys product at home we would love to see a picture of it in use! You can tweet it or post it on our Facebook to share with us!

Competition Entry

Enter the competitions below to be in with a chance of winning a Playnest® Dino or a Playnest® Car! Entries are accepted until 5pm GMT on Tuesday 24th February 2015. The winners will be contacted shortly after.

Playnest® Giveaway

Playnest® Car Giveaway

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Love Is In The Air


Feb 2015

It’s romance week and we’ve been spotting lots of fantastic craft and recipe ideas on Twitter!


Whilst celebrating the people you love is fantastic, we like to think about everything else we love too!

Here’s a quick run-down of our favourite things:

1. Family walks through the countryside/park – Whatever the weather, there’s nothing like enjoying the fresh air with your loved ones. Wrap up warm in plenty of layers and take a camera to capture some group shots for the family photo album! You could create a list of items for the little ones to collect (twigs, leaves, pebbles etc.) to keep them occupied on the stroll and see how well they manage at a scavenger hunt.


2. Cooking with the children – Not only is this a great group activity that produces (usually) yummy results, your little ones will be very grateful when they are older that they had the chance to learn invaluable cooking skills. We even have a Pizza Making Set in our range to help you out – click here for more info! One child friendly Valentine’s recipe we have spotted is for a batch of Love Bug Biscuits on the BBC Good Food website (here).


3. Arts and crafts – What better way to inspire young minds than letting their imagination run wild with a bunch of materials? Just last week we had loads of fun creating a sock puppet using the Galt Toys Art Jar, but the possibilities are endless! Instead of setting an end goal, why not hand over a total jumble of items and give them an hour or two to create whatever they want!


Or if you’re anything like Dick and Dom, our Magic Puzzle might be something you love!

We’d love to hear what you love to do with the family. Tweet us or write on our Facebook wall to let us know, we love hearing from you all!

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