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Kristina Rihanoff and Aliona Vilani Dazzle at Toy Fair!


Jan 2015

The world’s most sensational stars of the dance floor Kristina Rihanoff and Aliona Vilani joined Galt Toys for a sequin spectacular at Toy Fair 2015!


The professional dancers took to the floor to launch our Dazzling Dancers Sensational Sequins craft kits, new for 2015, bringing the product to life by matching their dresses to the dance duo on the front of the packaging. The sparkly pink and green sequin dresses looked simply superb!


Kristina and Aliona have dazzled on the dance floor and our TV screens over the last few weeks and they both looked fantastic in the replica sequinned dresses, matching the fun image on the front of the box perfectly. We can’t think of a better way to have launched the new Dazzling Dancers Sensational Sequins craft kit than by bringing plenty of glitz and glamour to the show!

The new craft kit provides hours of sparkly fun with two sequin pictures and two stand-up characters to create, and foil art for extra shimmer and shine. Simply peel off the backing to reveal sticky dots to place different coloured sequins on the templates using the wax crayon and larger sticky areas for foil. The kit includes 1,200 sequins and 12 foil sheets to create beautiful and dazzling artwork.


Be the first to order the new Sensational Sequins Dazzling Dancers craft kit!

The Dazzling Dancer Sensational Sequins craft kit will be available to buy from shortly. If you’d like to be one of the first to get your hands on the sensational new kit, just leave us your name and email address below and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it becomes available.

Have a question about the new Dazzling Dancer Sensational Sequins kit? Then get in touch! Tweet @GaltToys with your question or get in touch via Facebook and we’ll come back to you with an all singing, all dancing response!

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Songbird to Tweet Live from Toy Fair 2015


Jan 2015

On Tuesday 20th January our roving reporter Songbird will be tweeting from Toy Fair all day long, providing a birds-eye view of the event and keeping you up to date with everything that’s going on.


We will be joined by some famous faces on the Galt stand to launch our exciting new ‘Dazzling Dancer’ product, bringing plenty of glitz and glamour to the show. Songbird will  reveal who our sensational stars are as the day unfolds, so stay tuned and keep an eye on our Twitter!

Our winged reporter will be adding another feather to his cap in learning all about child development from leading parenting expert Dr Miriam Stoppard on the stand. Dr Miriam will be talking to visitors about her range of developmental toys for babies and toddlers, which encourage learning through play.

Songbird will also be hosting exclusive interviews with new toy on the block,  Dino the Dinosaur, asking all about his evolution from the original Galt Playnest®, and speaking to Ted and Tess about the Ted and Tess Ambi Pramstring, new for 2015.

In addition to revealing all the Galt gossip from the stand, Songbird will  ‘branch out’  to take #songbirdselfies with the stars of the show, giving a sneak peek at the fantastic new Galt toys being showcased at Toy Fair. Talking of selfies, we’ll also have exclusive access to see Galt’s new Express Yourself Range revealed at the show, which includes Selfie Jewellery and Flip Fashion.

The red carpet is being rolled out as we speak for what promises to be the biggest and best Toy Fair to date, with Songbird reporting live on all the action on stand E9 as it happens. Follow @GaltToys and use the hashtag #ToyFairSongbird to tweet the Songbird directly during the show!

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Girl with a Pearl Earring (1632-1675)


Jan 2015

The final painting in Galt’s Mini Masterpiece series is Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer


The Girl with a Pearl Earring is a famous oil painting by the 17th century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. As an artist Johannes was known for working slowly and for taking great care in each painting he created. He often used bright colours and sometimes expensive pigments in his work, and was renowned for using clever tricks of the light.

Create your own Girl with a Pearl Earring Mini Masterpiece


Step 1: To start, download the Girl with a Pearl Earring template from the Galt Activity Zone. Then raid your arts and crafts draw and recreate your own version using your creativity and imagination. If you’d like some ideas then watch the video below to see how we created our masterpiece!

Giving a nod to the work of Johannes, we’ve made our Girl with a Pearl Earring as bright and bold as possible using Galt Chunky Pens. The Dutch artist had lots of yellow and blue in his paintings, so we’ve used this as inspiration for our more colourful recreation of the original masterpiece.

Start by creating soft shadows on the coat of the girl by using bright pinks, orange tones, purple and red. You can even make parts of your masterpiece look darker by colouring in a different direction to layer up the ink. Using contrasting colours for the clothing and the background will make the subject of your painting jump out of the page. The background of our masterpiece has been painted yellow, rather than black, to stand out against the hot pink and blue colours of her turban.

Use softer colours to colour in the girl’s skin, and a slightly darker shade to highlight her cheekbones and eyelids. Then paint her lips using the pink and red pen, and give her eyes some colour with either blue, brown or green – you decide!

Now it’s time to add a bit of sparkle! Any of the Galt Sensational Sequins Sets have a selection of different coloured sequins that can be stuck to the painting using PVA glue. Simply dollop a pea sized blob where you’d like to place the sequins, and then stick them on top!

The final touch is to add the pearl earring or sparkly sequin if you don’t have any spare pearls! Again place a splodge of PVA under the girl’s ear and stick your shiny sequin on top to complete your masterpiece.

Share your masterpiece with us!


We’d love to see your final masterpiece, so please do show us your artwork by tweeting a picture to @GaltToys or posting your picture on our Galt Toys Facebook wall.

Please ensure that activities are completed under adult supervision and all instructions and warnings on Galt products used are read and followed.  Always protect clothing and the work area.

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