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Ambi Ambassador Catchup


Oct 2015

Earlier this year we introduced you all to our Ambi Ambassadors – a wonderful group of parent bloggers with adorable children who have become the latest toy testers for the Ambi® Toys range. Over the past few months we have been delighted with the honest reviews each blogger has published – not to mention the beautiful images they have shared! Take a look at some of our favourites below…

One Man Band (reviewed by Hello Baby)

Hello Baby (Steph) discovered One Man Band was equally well received by 11 month old Phoebe and 3 1/2 year old Jack!

She wrote:
I’ve been really impressed with the One Man Band. It’s simple to use, aesthetically pleasing, a good size, engaging and it’s well-constructed with smooth edges. I also like that the removable pieces are attached by short strings so they can’t get lost.Read more…

Ambi Toys One Man Band

Max Pull Along (reviewed by Katie & Baby)

Katie is a great blogger and vlogger with a gorgeous little girl called Ellie. Her second product from the Ambi® Toys range was Max Pull Along, and we absolutely loved the resulting photos!

“I can honestly say, that she has NOT put this toy down, every morning she will run to her toy corner in the living room and grab her dog and take him for a walk up and down the house, its the cutest thing!” Read more…

Max Pull Along Max Pull Along 2 Max Pull Along 1

Pram String (reviewed by Hey Mummy)

Beautiful baby Ivy wasn’t even born when our Ambi Ambassador scheme was launched earlier this year, but we knew she’d be worth the wait as her first product review for the Pram String has shown!

“I hear her little hands grabbing at it when I am driving which is a reassuring sound. So far this has proved to be one of Ivy’s favourite toys and I would thoroughly recommend it as a great gift for a new baby.” Read more…

Ambi Toys Pram String Ambi Toys Pram String

Pop Up Pals (reviewed by The Knott Bump & Us)

As the adorable Isla loves things that play peek-a-boo and hide then pop out, her amazing mother Sarah chose the Ambi® Toys Pop Up Pals to review!

“She loved being given free reign to hit the toy as much as she wanted and was absolutely delighted when she managed to get one of the pals to pop up. Every time she did it, it resulted in a round of applause from herself…to herself!” Read more…

Ambi Toys Pop Up Pals

See the full list of Ambi Ambassadors here and take a look at their fantastic blogs! We often share their reviews on our Twitter and Facebook pages, so make sure you’re following us to keep up to date.

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Active Play


Oct 2015

We all know how children don’t always want to sit still for an afternoon (or even a minute) so finding ways to entertain them without committing to sore muscles yourself can be tricky. This is where we come along with some fun active play time suggestions…

Tunnel Fun!

Great for a rainy autumn afternoon, this activity involves building a tunnel from whatever objects you can find. If your dining chairs don’t have a horizontal bar between the legs they can be a great starting point for your structure. Dangle some (clean) socks and leggings between each chair and drape a blanket over the top to make some fun obstacles and let your little explorer loose!

If they built the tunnel themselves, give them a quick inspection before the crawling begins to make sure you’re not going to have any rescue missions on your hands…


Football Croquet

Make the back garden kick-about a bit more exciting by setting up some croquet-style targets to get the ball through before you can take a shot at the goal. You can make your own targets out of hula hoops with tent pegs keeping them secure and upright, or simply open up a few cardboard boxes to kick the ball through.


Bouncing Baba

If you need your energetic little cutie to burn off their enthusiasm but stay in one place, a trampoline is a very handy tool! Building their coordination and balance, the joy of bouncing keeps them entertained until they need to sit down for a rest.

We have a fun tortoise themed Nursery Trampoline and a Folding Trampoline to help you out!


What are your favourite activities to exhaust your children? Share with us on Twitter @GaltToys or on Facebook.

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