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Back to School Ideas


Aug 2015

The summer holidays are nearly over! Some of you will have little ones old enough to be heading back to school – or you may even have youngsters reaching the milestone of their first day at school this September. It’s a big moment for child and parent alike, so we’ve taken a look at some handy ideas to make the experience a fun and educational time for all.

Make a Checklist have created a great checklist for your children to tick off each morning before leaving the house. It includes many items that slip our minds as we hurry out of the door, such as PE kit and musical instruments, so having this by the door will be super handy!

Uniform Preparation

If you’re making a return to school this September it’s wise to check the clothes still fit and are clean well in advance so you don’t have a last minute machine wash the night before! Lay the uniform out on the bed and make sure everything is there ready to slip into without a mad hunt for socks while the engine is running.

If it’s the first day at school for your young scholar, make sure you plan some time to snap a nice photo before you leave (or even do it a day or two before so you have no distractions) as this is a day you’ll want to remember forever!

Back To School

Lovely Lunchboxes

After a summer of eating your delicious food at home, a packed lunch can be a strange experience. You may have cooked lunches provided by the school, but if you’re packing a tupperware box full of food for your child there are some great recipes to make them extra special!

Back to school lunch ideas


Practice Makes Perfect

If your bright sparks have never been to school before it can be a good idea to do some practice work with age appropriate books, such as our pre-school and KS1 Home Learning Books. Just like the books you’ll have read with them as they grew up, these are fun and visual aids to prepare for the school environment.

Back to School

Be Happy!

It will be an emotional time for everyone. By showing your children that you’re happy and excited about them starting school term it might make the experience a lot less scary for them. Make the routine nice and structured, as simple as possible and prepare as much in advance as you can!

Back to School

What top tips do you have for back to school preparations? Tweet us @GaltToys or post to our Facebook wall.

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The Toys Are Back In Town!


Aug 2015

We are so excited about the return of the Ambi Toys Bird and Fish bath toys! You may remember these smooth and simple designs from many years ago (originally released in 1969!), but for those who aren’t familiar with the iconic toys, let us fill you in…

bird and fish bath toys

The simple design contributed to world renowned toy designer, Patrick Rylands, becoming the youngest person to ever win the Duke of Edinburgh’s Prize for Elegant Design (now known as the Prince Philip Designers Prize). The Bird and Fish are based on Eskimo bone carvings in the British Museum and contain internal ballasts keeping them perfectly upright as they bob and float in water!

bird fish

The toys are icons in British design history and are permanently on display at the V&A Museum of Childhood in London. If you’re ever popping along with the children, see if you can spot them and send us a photo @GaltToys or on Facebook so we can see!

Suitable for ages 18 months+, you can get your hands on these stunning toys here on our website – Bird Bath Toy and Fish Bath Toy.

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But Why?


Aug 2015

We recently read an article about children asking ‘why?’ eight times a day – and how we often don’t know the answers! We have created a list of our favourite ‘why?’ questions from over the years – and researched the answers to help you out when you get asked them!

Why is the sky blue?

To get really technical, it’s to do with scattering of light particles (find out more on the Met Office website) – but to keep things simple you can try the answer below…

why is the sky blue

Why is it dark at night?

You can explain about time zones, hemispheres and the orbit of the Earth around the Sun if you want, but for young minds we offer this basic explanation for starters…


Why don’t daddies have babies?

If it’s your own bundle of joy asking this question then we’d like to think you already know about the birds and the bees, and we will leave it up to you to decide when that conversation is ready. Here’s a factually accurate line to buy you some time without getting too scientific!

why don't daddies have babies

Why doesn’t everyone speak English?

The sheer size of Earth can be tricky to explain to young children. We like to think this is a nice way to make sense of languages!

What are the best questions you’ve been asked by your curious cuties? How did you answer them? Tweet us @GaltToys or post to our Facebook wall!

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