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5 Travel Essentials for Long Journeys with Children


Jul 2016

Traveling on long journeys with children can be a fun and exciting adventure. But as we’re sure everyone has experienced, once they start to get bored, hungry or tired, a child can turn from Dora the Explorer into Mr. Grumpy in the space of a few short minutes.


Whether you’re going on an adventure by air, land or sea, being able to keep little ones happy and entertained for hours at a time when stuck in one place is tricky, so here are just a few ways to avoid a ‘travel tantrum’.

1. Pack plenty of snacks

As soon as blood sugar levels start to drop it can be the start of a slippy ‘sulky’ slope! Try and opt for healthy snacks, such as carrot sticks or yoghurts, rather than sugary sweets, as these will keep children going for a lot longer and avoid a peak of hyperactivity followed by a sugar slump.

2. Play Games

We’re all familiar with ‘Simon Says’ and ‘I Spy’, which are perfect for entertaining the whole family as you cruise down the M6, but who’s to say you can’t make up your own games? Try asking everyone to have a think about what animal they would be. Once everyone has their answer, each person takes it in turns to say what they would be and why. Or even take it in turns to think of a word, and then the rest of the family has to think of a song that includes that word. There are so many different games to make up, the only limit is your imagination!

3. Do Arts and Crafts

Colouring and activity books are perfect for keeping children’s minds busy when in the car or at the airport, but if you’re worried about letting little ones loose in the back of the car with  felt tip pens,  our Water Magic sets are the ideal solution. The pictures are water activated , so have all the creativity of an art set, without any stains or worries about children drawing on things they shouldn’t!

The new Galt Water Magic sets are also great for learning and development, so it’s a win-win.  These include:

4. Puzzles

While this might not seem like a traditional choice for long journeys, with visions of jigsaw pieces going missing behind the back seat of the car, there are other puzzle options available that are perfect for travel. Tray Puzzles, for example, keep all the pieces in one place and have chunky pieces for little hands to hold.

5. Stay Calm

Last but not least, stay calm and enjoy the ride! Getting to and from your destination is just as much of the experience as the holiday itself, especially for children who might be taking everything in for the first time. What’s more, you’ll arrive in high spirits, ready to have fun and make memories!

Do you have any tips or tricks to keep little ones busy on long journeys? Then do let us know! Share with us and the rest of the parents that follow @GaltToys on Twitter and Facebook!

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The Great Galt Grandparent competition


Jul 2016

As a great big ‘Thank You’ to all the wonderful grandparents out there who make our lives so special, we’re asking everyone to send us a photograph which you think captures just how wonderful your grandparent is.

Entries are open to everyone; parents, children, uncles and aunties, or even grandparents themselves! There are no restrictions on when the photograph was taken, so you can send us snaps from today day or treasured photos from years gone by – it’s up to you.


If you have a photograph of you and your grandparent that makes you smile, or perhaps your child with your mum or dad, then share it with us to enter the competition.

WIN £50 worth of Galt Goodies

How to enter

Share your happiest or most favourite ‘Grandparent moment’ using the entry box below. All you need to do is upload your image and sign up to our newsletter.

The prize

One lucky winner will receive £50 to spend at

How to win

Once you’ve uploaded your entry it will appear in our ‘Great Galt Grandparent Gallery’ below, so you can encourage your friends and family to vote for your picture! The winning entry will be the photograph with the most votes when the competition ends. Good luck!

The Great Galt Grandparent Competition

How long does the competition run for?

The competition ends at 12pm on Monday 15th August 2016.

3 Important Life Lessons We Learn from Grandparents

The bond between a child and their grandparents is truly special. It’s a fulfilling role and one that brings children so much joy as they are able to learn new skills from a different generation. From Grandad teaching us how to play piano to learning how to plant tomatoes in the garden with Grandma, children love spending time with their grandparents as they are such good fun!

In the UK especially, grandparents have an increasing role in the upbringing of little ones. In fact, four out of five are looked after on a regular basis by their Grandma or Grandad, Nan or Gramps.

3 Important  Lessons from Grandparents:

  1. There’s no such thing as ‘bored’ – Outside the front door there’s a whole world with conkers to play with, leaves to throw and balls to catch! Our grandparents knew how to entertain themselves long before Pokemon Go.
  2. You never stop learning – It’s true! Whether you are aged one or one hundred, there are still a million new things and skills you can learn.
  3. Always do your best – It doesn’t matter if you come first or last, it is always the taking part that’s important.

The Great Galt Grandparent Gallery

Here are all the wonderful entries we’ve received so far, don’t forget to vote for your favourite!

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Children Say the Funniest Things


Jul 2016

Teaching your child language skills so they can talk, interact and communicate with other children, friends and family, is all part of being a parent. One of the most enjoyable parts of this is when your little one starts to form sentences, meaning you can begin to chat away with them for the very first time, as you learn more about their personality every day.

Of course, sometimes getting confused and mixing up words, taking things literally or not understanding the social graces of what should and shouldn’t be said, is all part of the process. For parents, this can lead to hilarious, and sometimes embarrassing, moments.

funny child

To celebrate the funny things that children say, we asked our fantastic Galt parents on Twitter and Facebook for examples of when their children have said the funniest things.

Top 4 Funny Things Children Have Said

  1. “When my little one was three, she said to a rich tea biscuit ‘Hello biscuit, I’m going to eat you!’ Before taking a bite!” – Thanks to @robbradley01 for sharing this with us on Twitter – it certainly made us laugh!
  2. “When my son was two, he knocked on his nanny’s jumper and said: ‘Hey, you got any boobies in there?’ No idea where it came from!” – What a funny story, thank you @WaffleMamaUK for Tweeting this to us.
  3. “Could you put my coat on the alligator please? My 6-year-old calls radiators ‘alligators’, too cute to correct but I guess I should!” We agree @ecomtraffic, everyone should call them alligators!
  4. “Clock without the L… being two years old he will shout it when he sees a clock. Embarrassing and funny!” Oh no @B_lissUK, perhaps hide for cover next time he tries to tell the time!

We’d love to know all the funny things your child has said that has made you laugh. Share with us and the rest of the parents that follow @GaltToys on Twitter and Facebook!

Posted in Childhood Development