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7 family Valentine’s Day activities


Feb 2016


Valentine’s Day majors on romance and couples in love with copious sharing of flowers and chocolates, so it can be difficult to involve the family in this seasonal event. To be honest it can be hard to do the romance bit as a couple with children! But actually a central theme to Valentine’s Day is love, so here are some ways of sharing the love with your little ones this weekend.

  1. Get crafty

The adage of ‘it’s the thought that counts’ is never more appropriate than on Valentine’s Day; Get the whole family round the kitchen table making cards or gifts for each other. Try our Card Craft or go full on DIY with some of Red Ted Art’s ideas as part of the 31 Days Of Love campaign.

  1. Say it with food

Heart shaped biscuits, homemade chocolates and red fairy cakes are cute ways for involving all the family in a sweet treat this Valentine’s. For those not interested in the baking, there’s always the eating! There are some excellent ideas on BBC Good Food

Heart biscuits

  1. Have a bit of a dance

There’s nothing like a good old slow dance to make you feel all lovey-dovey. Won’t quite work with children but you can adapt the idea and have a little dance to some semi-romantic music. Go retro, push back the furniture and partner up for a bit of fox-trot or waltzing to really make it different (perhaps with the help of a YouTube video). You’ll have fun and be doing it together, which is what these ideas are all about!

  1. Go somewhere beautiful

Spring is doing its best to make an appearance so visit a beautiful National Trust location to spend quality time together as a family this weekend. It gets you out of the house, together, and all enjoying
the simple pleasures of a beautiful location. Check out the Valentine’s Day events near you

Snowdrops at Plas yn Rhiw, Llyn Peninsula

  1. Sofa party

Curl up altogether to watch a heart-warming film. Go classic with something like The Lady and the Tramp.

  1. It’s all in the decoration

Adorning the tea table with candles, heart paper chains and such like is bound to get you all in the Valentine’s mood. Setting it all up will keep the little ones entertained too!  You could go totally overboard and only eat heart shaped food (think pizzas and cakes rather than getting complicated with spaghetti!) but we’ll leave that up to you…

  1. Love hunt

Any excuse for a treasure hunt! Use heart shaped paper clues to guide the family round a treasure trail of love-filled gestures such as Love Hearts, chocolate hearts, love letters and other cuteness. You could go all out with the treasure at the end being a treat for the whole family such as a day-trip.

What will you be doing for Valentine’s Day this year; ignoring it or embracing your inner cupid? Do share your ideas and suggestions

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5 Genius ways to use the Playnest ®


Feb 2016

The Playnest® has been a huge hit with parents across the globe since it was first launched by Galt Toys in 1995. Helping keep children stable, safe and entertained, the Playnest® really is an all-rounder, with so many uses for babies, children and even parents.

Two uses for one Playnest ®

We will soon be launching the Two-in-One Playnest®, which is suitable for babies from birth, thanks to the addition of a soft resting area that supports even a young baby – doubling its use for parents. As a baby gets older, the Playnest® can be turned over to reveal a padded seating area to support an older baby or toddler in a sitting position, enabling them to reach out and explore safely.

This padded area is a unique combination of a soft resting area and a self-contained play environment. The triangular inflatable ring provides additional sideways support for a baby during rest, while it’s also an excellent place for children to sit while playing with toys.

How do you use yours?

The Playnest® has a whole host of uses. Here are just a few ways it has shown busy mums and dads that it’s more than just a one trick pony.

1. Sensory development

While we all want our children to have fun at play time we also want them to learn and develop. The Playnest® is a great way of getting your child to discover the world around them. Get them to touch the different fabrics around the Playnest® and learn to discover touch and feel, or grab and pull on the Playnest® Gym to discover cause and effect. The possibilities are endless!


2. Precious ‘Me’ Time

We’ve all been there. Painstakingly trying to keep the house in working order or getting ready for the day ahead while keeping an eye on your little bundle of mischief. The Playnest® is a safe and secure environment where little ones can play under your watchful eye, giving you time to enjoy some precious ‘me’ time or carry out a few chores around the house.  Even having a few minutes extra each day can make all the difference.

3. Saved from the Sand

The beach can be such a great experience, especially when you take your children for the first time. But very quickly keeping their face (and hands) out of the sand can become quite the challenge. Cue the Playnest®. They will be secure and able to admire the wonders of the sea side from the safety of their Playnest®.

Playnest blog sand


4. The Beanbag Alternative

As children get older their attention span changes, as does what grabs it. The Playnest® doubles up as an excellent alternative to a chair. As a child see’s it as ‘theirs’, it makes an excellent first beanbag! Turning from full time play and learning toy to personal chair for little adults!

Galt playnest blog - Beanbag


5. Baby Yoga

Even babies need to stretch. The Two-in-One Playnest® provides an amazing travel mat for your baby’s stretching sessions. Stretching is great for a baby’s physical development. All you need to do is place yourself in a quiet, warm place with your baby and Playnest® to get started. Baby Centre has some great tips for massaging and stretching your baby.

Added Benefits

On top of these genius uses for the Playnest® there is also a genius benefit! If you buy a Playnest ® from our website you will receive a free Peepo Puppet Dog. Peepo Puppet Dog is a wonderful little toy for children aged 3 months +. You can move the soft pole up and down and the cute dog will appear then disappear to delight a young child. It even has a jingle bell!

Peepo Puppet Dog

Do you have a genius use for your Playnest®? Share it with us @GaltToys on Twitter or drop us a comment on Facebook.

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Celebrating our 180th Birthday with the #GreatGaltBake


Jan 2016

Boy doesn’t time really fly! We can’t believe our 180th Birthday is upon us already. At Toy Fair this week we have been celebrating our birthday with a toy cake so big you probably haven’t seen anything like it! We had a wonderful time at Toy Fair announcing some of our new products and sharing our birthday with so many wonderful people.

#GreatGaltBake Competition

Michelle and John 2000width

While we have had our fill of cake this week we want you to celebrate with us! So we are running a baking competition! To enter all you need to do is:

Step 1: Bake a cake with your little one

Step 2: Tweet us a pic or post it to our Facebook Wall using #GreatGaltBake

Step 3: Follow us on either Facebook or Twitter

Step 4: Retweet/share the competition

Base of cake 2000width


Really like our Birthday cake?

If you would like to get into the spirit of our 180th birthday the wonderful Michelle Sugar Art has kindly created a recipe for you to follow so you can create your own delicious cupcakes! You can download the recipe card below.

Galt Toys 180th Birthday Cake Recipe Card – Content Unlock

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get baking! Tweet us your baking masterclass pictures at @GaltToys or post them on our Facebook wall. We will be running the competition until February 12th and will announce the winner on February 15th.

Checkout our current entries:

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