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Do You have #GaltsFestiveCheer?


Nov 2015

Christmas is a time for tradition. Whether it’s the annual family game of Ludo on Christmas Day, decorating the tree with tinsel together or going to a Christingle service, every family seems to have their own little rituals to make it a special time of year.

Samantha Hubbard - WINNER

Winning entry from Samantha Hubbard in to our nativity competition in 2014

One of our favourite Christmas traditions is dressing up as one of many wonderful festive characters. Whether just for fun or as part of a Nativity play, perhaps as one of the three wise men or as the Star of Bethlehem with plenty of glitter!

To celebrate this great tradition we’re giving everyone who has a cracking Christmas costume the chance to win £100 worth of Galt Toys*, just in time for Christmas!

WIN £100 worth of Galt Toys

Post a snap of your little elf, reindeer, wise man or donkey dressed up in their festive finery to our Facebook page or send to @GaltToys on Twitter using #GaltsFestiveCheer

Chris Murray - Facebook

An entry by Chris Murray in to our Father Christmas competition in 2013

A winner will be chosen at random on December 13th giving you plenty of time to choose your Galt goodies in time for Christmas. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your seasonal snaps to enter the competition!

To see the entries so far check out the Galt Christmas gallery…


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*The £100 worth of Galt toys is represented by a £100 Galt Toys online voucher to spend at The choice of toys is down to the winners discretion and is subject to availability.


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Getting involved in the Great Pottery Throw Down


Nov 2015

If you’ve been watching BBC2 on a Tuesday night you might have seen the TV show The Great Pottery Throw Down, and although the jury is still out as to whether it will trump Bake Off, it has certainly got people talking. DJ Sara Cox does a fabulous job hosting the show, but the real entertainment comes from the potters…and the endless Carry On-style innuendos!

Fancy a go at home….

Like most things we get engrossed in we want to have a go first-hand. Guess what – we have the perfect kit for you and all the family – The First Pottery kit from our Arts & Crafts range! It comes with a whopping 1.2kg of air drying clay, 12 colourful ceramic paints, paintbrush, rolling pin and cutting tools. Everything a child needs to start their pottery throw down journey.

It’s always nice for children to put what they see into practice, and with this cool kit they will be able to make and paint a variety of clay pots, and learn the basic techniques of pottery to create pinch pots, slab pots and coil pots.

pottery kit

More than just clay!

Clay asks to be poked, pulled, pinched, twisted and rolled as your child handles it, it will help develop their fine and major motor skills, self-esteem and self-expression. Clay also has a therapeutic quality that can help settle and calm a child, whilst retaining their attention for hours.

         Pot 1                                          Pot 2

If your little potters make their way through the gigantic 1.2kg of clay…. they can always get more modelling clay from our website or perhaps they’d like to get a little more creative with the Robo Modelling kit with includes wind-up mechanisms to bring  the characters to life.  

We too at Galt HQ will be having a go at creating our own pottery masterpieces, but we’d love to see all your attempts. Please tweet your pottery pics @galttoys or post them on our Facebook wall!

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5 Ways The Ambi Toys Range Helps Sensory Development


Nov 2015

Some of you might not know that our beautiful Ambi Toys range originally started production as far back as the 1960’s. Patrick Rylands, an award winning British designer, was the man behind the distinctive style, quality and design that the Ambi range is known and loved for. Many of these toys, launched in the 70’s and 80’s, are still in production today.

Standing the Test of Time

The classic design with simple lines, imaginative features and purity of colour have stood the test of time! Babies and toddlers are not interesting in passing trends, fashion colours or the latest gadget. They need well designed and reliable toys which don’t disappoint during play and, most importantly, encourage their gradual discovery and sensory development. The Ambi range satisfies these needs and is a continuing source of learning and fun. Exactly what a good toy is meant to be! So while that’s all well and good, how does the Ambi range help sensory development?

1. Cause and Effect

Many of the toys in the Ambi range help teach your little ones how different actions can create a variety of different outcomes. A great example of this is the Activity Case. A colourful activity centre with 6 activities for little hands to explore. If they press a button it will squeak, pull the blue bird and it will chime the bell, slide the mirror and see who is hiding underneath. Perfect for developing manual dexterity and learning, cause and effect.

Blog - Cause and effect

2. Sound Recognition

Much like with cause and effect you will find a wide range of Ambi toys produce different sounds depending on how you interact with them. The Xylophone Drum gives children the option to play the Xylophone on one side and the drums on the other. While creating their own little symphony children will learn to acknowledge different sounds and change how they play with the toy because of it.

Blog - Sounds recognition



3. Feel

It’s very important for children as they grow to understand how everything doesn’t feel the same, identifying objects with their hands as well as their eyes.  Each of our 3 little Bubble Fish has a different texture to its fin. Allowing children to acknowledge which toy they are playing with not only through their eyes, but through their hands as well.


Blog - Feel



4. Hand Eye Coordination

Hand eye coordination develops throughout a child’s formative years and toys play a big part in that. As a child hits and pulls on a toy they are learning where to place their hands, encouraging them to develop manual dexterity. Our Pop-up Pals are a great toy for developing hand eye coordination, while being super fun to play with! Tap a button with the hammer and the matching coloured pal pops up. This rather infectious task of peep-o can be repeated with four smiley pals.

Blog - Hand eye coordination


5. Shape Recognition

From babies to toddlers learning to recognise shapes and colours is an important part of development. While all the toys from our Ambi range have vivid colours, many of them help encourage these sorting activities while also being loads of fun! The Lock a Block comes with two sets of three-dimensional sorting blocks, for hours of shape and colour matching entertainment.


Blog - Shape recognition



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